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Prayer List

We ask your prayers for:

Teller Lutheran Church in Teller, AK;

Alaska Native Lutheran Church;

All of us during the public health crisis - those who are or will become ill, those whose jobs and livelihoods are being greatly affected, all our students during the school closures, and all those who can least afford these challenges.


Pam, Ben, Delores, Jan, David, Al, Lori, Erik, Mike, Charlene, Barb, Betsy, Geneva, Gino, Rosemary, Ron, Dixie, Shannon, Harry, Reidun, Glenda, Allen, Linda, Ed & Donna, Keith, Arne & Norma, Russell, Val, Marlene, Julia, Karen & Bob, Dottie, David, Sandy

Please pray for the families of those who’ve died: